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Makes 6 parcels. 

4 cups milk.

2/3 cup fine semolina.

2/3 cup caster sugar.

1 ribbon of lemon rind.

2 eggs.

30g cold unsalted butter.


18 sheets filo pastry, divided into 3 .

150g melted butter for brushing.

Icing sugar and ground cinnamon for dusting.

Begin by adding the milk, semolina, sugar, butter and lemon rind to a pot over medium heat. Continuously whisk to melt the butter and until the mixture forms a custard like consistency (approximately 10 minutes) add the eggs and whisk them through quickly to prevent them from cooking in the hot custard. Set the custard aside to cool and thicken and prepare your filo pastry.

Preheat your oven to 170C. Using three sheets of filo pastry per bougatsa parcel, lay it out flat and give them each layer a generous brush of melted butter.

Spoon the custard to the side of buttered pastry and partially fold it over. Bring in the sides to seal the ends and carefully fold the pastry over keeping the seam side down. 

Brush each parcel with more melted butter and bake for approximately 30 minutes or until golden. If you notice the filo pastry is browning too quickly, nice your tray to the bottom of your oven for a slower cook. This ensures all layers bake crispy.

Sprinkle with icing sugar and plenty of ground cinnamon and enjoy hot.


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